From Diagnosis to Dedication:
The Julius Jones Trust Story

Every incredible journey begins with a personal experience. In our case, it began with a diagnosis that changed our lives. After experiencing seizures, our five-year-old son was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

A Life-Altering Diagnosis: Navigating Challenges

This diagnosis shook our world, and my response was to focus on work, believing that providing financial support would be the way to help our son. However, this approach led to a different health crisis for me, as I ignored signs of my deteriorating health, narrowly escaping a life-threatening infection.

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A Debt of Gratitude: NHS's Lifesaving Care

This experience taught us the importance of support, both financial and emotional. We owe our lives to the NHS, whose diagnosis and treatment saved us. It also inspired us to create The Julius Jones Trust.

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Supporting The NHS

Win Amazing is a prize draw that donates all proceeds to the NHS. Through The Julius Jones Trust, Win Amazing funds the provision of mental health and wellbeing NHS services that support children, young people and their families dealing with life changing diagnoses within the UK

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Our Vision for Impact: Supporting NHS Healthcare

Our vision is to be the most recognised charity supporting NHS Healthcare, providing a place for people to cope with life’s unexpected challenges. Our story continues, and through The Julius Jones Trust, Win Amazing and other initiatives, we work to bring life-changing human support to the NHS.

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Dr Johnson Beharry (VC, COG). Ambassador and Supporter

Our charity, The Julies Jones Trust Supported By Johnson Beharry, depends greatly on the generosity of individuals like you.

When you participate in our Win Amazing draw, you're not just vying for a dream home – you're also helping support the NHS.

This vital support extends beyond medical treatment, reaching those who are deeply impacted emotionally by diagnoses and treatments.

Your contribution can fund essential services that transform the quality of life for patients and their families, providing them with the emotional and practical assistance they need during challenging times.

With the unwavering support of our ambassador, Johnson Beharry, we are committed to making a real difference. Your participation holds the power to change lives, and one fortunate individual will soon call this dream home their own.

The Julius Jones Trust

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